Request for Board Certification Form to Opt-Out
of taking the State Required Board Certification Class

About this Request Form:  All Board Members are required by your Association’s respective Florida Statute to take the Board Certification Class within ninety (90) days of being elected to the Board of Directors.  Clayton & McCulloh offers these classes:

If for any reason you decide against taking the class, you may request the Board Certification Form to execute in lieu of taking the class.  You may also execute this Board Certification Form and use it as a “temporary pass” until you can attend the next Board Certification Class.  Failure to take the class or timely execute and file this Board Certification Form will result in being suspended from the Board until you come into compliance.

This form is available to our active clients only and is $10 payable by credit card.  Complete this form.  Once we receive the form, we will send you the link to pay by credit card.  Upon receipt of payment, we will forward to you within ten business days a customized, digital Board Certification Form for you to provide to your Association’s secretary or manager for the Association’s official records.  This service is available to active clients only,


By requesting this Affidavit, you agree to be added to our Confidential Mailing list to receive newsletters, seminar invitations, legislative updates, and other pertinent information for Community Association Board Members.