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Directions:  Please complete this Request in its entirety for the referral types you are requesting.  You can request either our Management Company and/or Vendor Referral Service(s).  Requests from our clients are prioritized first.  Please allow ten business days for our referrals.  We will send you a list of our suggested Referrals.  If you do not receive the list within ten business days, please check your spam mail.  If you have not added us to your email contacts, your internet carrier may send our referrals to a “black hole” never to be seen again.

Through the years, management companies have asked for more information about the Association to determine if it is a good fit for their company.  By supplying this information, it helps eliminate companies which have certain requirements to manage.  This eliminates you having to call them only to find out the company does not service your type of community.  If you have any questions, please call our Public Relations Department 24/7/365 at (407) 875-4429

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Note:  These are the questions that a management companies have asked us to include so they can decide if they are interested in bidding on your Association.  The below information will help narrow your selections to those management companies whose criteria your Association meets.

Special Note: To continue offering this comprehensive free service, we will request timely feedback.  There will be two surveys that you will be asked to complete.  The first will be a survey evaluating the first step (CM providing the information to you) and the second will be your management company/vendor evaluation results (did they respond timely, results of the interviews, and why you selected your new management company).  This helps us to determine if we should continue including these companies and/or help them anonymously on your perceived impressions of their company’s response to this service and/or their interview process.  The management companies will NOT be provided your answers

Request for Management Company Referral

Note: Your present company will not be notified that you are searching for a new management company.

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We will contact various companies that service your area. Please indicate how you want them to contact you?
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