Community Text Service

Yes, I want to sign up for the Community Text Service.  I understand that I will receive an average of two text messages a month and on special occasions, a third message.  This service is available to client and non-clients board/committee  members, residents, managers, or vendors,  I understand that these text messages will include:

  • Notice of a new event such as a brand-new webinar topic, social event, seminar, or other event (link to our website will provide more information).  This is not to be confused with the text reminder service when you make a reservation for one of our events;
  • Reminder that one of our newsletters was sent to your email which provide the title of the lead article.  There have been a number of people who expressed concerns about not receiving our newsletters and as it turns out, their internet carrier sends the newsletters to their spam/junk mail which they don’t check frequently and they never see it.  This service will solve that issue;
  • Major changes in the law or a significant case in the judicial system that may affect your Association with a link to our website for more information;
  • Reminder to submit your board information as you annual took place the previous month with a link to our website as an option to submit the information; and/or
  • A new CM Service making its debut or a reminder of a special service that may save your Association money (no more than four per year and they would be the third text of the month).

Note:  All information provided is held confidential and is not shared with any outside source.