The Most Awesome Award has continued to be an "Awesome" success as we prepare to enter the final quarter of 2017 (wait already?) With more and more Awesome Managers and Board Members doing all they can to earn this award, don't miss out on your opportunity to show appreciation to your favorite Board Member or Manager with the FINAL Most Awesome Nominations deadline of 2017 closing on October 5!

The 3rd Quarter Most Awesome Manager Winner:

Carole Hammond, Manager at Vista Plantation Association

Giving AwardMike Jensen, Director on the Board for Vista Plantation had this to say in his nomination of Carole: “she is very professional and very personable in running our association, which isn't easy." As we were giving out the award members of the management team and Board Members of the Vista Plantation Association had prepared a celebration in honor of this achievement. The best display of appreciation and acknowledgment of this award was represented by their desire and dedication in celebration of their manager Carole. Clayton and McCulloh could not have agreed more with the Board's support of this truly "Awesome" manager.   

Clayton & McCulloh is proud to present the Most Awesome Manager Award to Carole Hammond, Manager of Vista Plantation Association.  Congratulations, Carole! 




The 3rd Quarter Most Awesome Board Member Winner:

William "Bill" Hillberg, Director at Large of Sunset Lakes Homeowners Association

Giving award to Bill Hillberg

Mary Hillberg, Past Vice President of Sunset Lakes Homeowners Association, nominated Bill Hillberg with support from the Board saying: “Bill served his community as Treasurer in 2004 during a management company change and volunteered again in 2016.  Both times the association was in flux in terms of financial challenges.  In 2004 he also worked for his neighbors trimming and fertilizing the 30 acres of common areas. In 2016 Bill was first to work an electronic invoice system and convinced the Board to have a Reviewed Financial Statement done, as required by state statute... He is an easy going, kindhearted and earnest person who cares about his neighbors. Bill is the kind of neighbor/member every HOA needs and remains a steady and honest beacon in our community.” During the presentation at their regular board meeting, Bill received boisterous applause in support of this achievement.

Clayton & McCulloh is proud to present the Most Awesome Board Member Award to Bill Hillberg, Director at Large of Sunset Lakes Homeowners Association. Congratulations, Bill!