Corporate Department

Expanded Bullets for Corporate Law

  • Articles of Incorporations - Preparing the document that legally establishes a corporation.
  • Bylaws - Creating the document which establishes the guidelines by which a corporation.
  • Forming Corporations (for-profit; not-for-profit; partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, cooperatives) - Drafting the documents involved with the creation of a variety of business organizations, and the necessary forms and other documents required by local, state, and federal governments.
  • Commercial Litigation - Handling a variety of disputes in the courts on behalf of business organization clients
  • Review Contracts - Providing legal advice to our corporate clients in creation and revision of business agreements
  • Limited Liability Companies - Providing legal advice for and handling the creation, filing, operation, and management of Limited Liability Companies and similar business organizations
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty allegations against Directors - Providing legal advice for and handling allegations by stockholders and members of certain business organizations that certain actions or inactions of Directors have damaged the stockholder, member, or business organization.
  • Recall of Directors - Providing legal advice for and handling representation of stockholders or members, or business organizations, where stockholders or members have a legal right to replace certain directors outside of the context of an annual election.