About Our Collections Department

Clayton & McCulloh’s Collection Department is comprised of four teams of Attorneys, Paralegals and Clerks.  Each team is assigned an array of counties to represent making it beneficial to clients that C&M recognizes the requirements of each county and be acquainted with the Judges and Judicial Assistants on a more frequent basis.  This Department handles such matters as sending out demand letters, filing liens, lien foreclosures, mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcies, receiverships, tenant evictions, writs of possession, estoppel processing, payment/settlement plan arrangements and much more.  The collections department is located in both the Orlando and Melbourne offices.

Attorneys and paralegals stay up to date with new case laws and statutes to streamline the collection process to move efficiently and effectively within changing legal environments. Our case management software is also organized to keep the cases moving in the swiftest way possible to guarantee Associations can rectify a problem property as quickly as possible.

Attorneys will meet with clients to discuss collection strategies on a complimentary basis.  Additionally, clients are able to access online status reports, online account statements, and online payment options which are located on our web-site.