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Attention All Clients: Update Your Board of Directors

Are you currently a client of Clayton & McCulloh?  Has your Board of Directors changed from what you last provided us? If so, you may register your new directors via the form below. By providing us with changes to your board, we can provide your Association with many of our complimentary and/or flat rate services such as:

  • Our Community Association Newsletter. Each of your directors will receive our complimentary newsletter, "Community Connect" and "The Green Marble," which are sent electronically.  Both newsletters were created especially for directors of community associations. "Community Connect" is published approximately each quarter and "The Green Marble" is published monthly.
  • Invitations to our Seminars. Our clients receive advance notice of these seminars, have reserved seating (the best seats in the house) and a complimentary gift in their program package.
  • Notification when a Member of the Firm is a Guest Speaker. Whenever a member of our firm is a guest speaker at another organization’s event, we will issue a special invitation to you so that you may attend.
  • Our e-mail service. Our e-mail service notifies you of new laws, late breaking news in the industry, upcoming seminars, and new services which will assist your association.
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We have found that most Associations like to correspond via e-mail which is why we request your e-mail address.  Additionally, as our client you will receive, on a complimentary basis, our e-mail newsletter which will contain articles not published in any other newsletter published by Clayton & McCulloh.  We will notify you of changes in the Florida Statutes and case law, invitations to our seminars, what’s coming in future editions of our newsletters, late breaking news on community association industry trends, and information on new services.  All information, including your e-mail address, is held confidential and is not disseminated to any outside source.  All “mass” e-mails are addressed to one of our firm’s e-mail addresses with a “blind” copy to your e-mail address.  This ensures that your e-mail address is not viewed by anyone other than Clayton & McCulloh.

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