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If you would like to request a legal consultation with one of our attorneys or a complimentary presentation of our legal services, please complete the form below.  Upon receipt of this information, we will contact you.

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There are two types of meeting with different purposes:

A Complimentary Presentation of our legal services to your Community Association.  Clayton & McCulloh is pleased to make a complimentary presentation of our services to your Community Association if you are interested in hiring our law firm.  One Attorney and/or our Public Relations Director will provide this presentation (up to 45 minutes).  This presentation will be in nature of an interview of our law firm to represent your Association.  It will not be a meeting to render legal advice.

Request for Legal Consultation.  We feature a flat rate legal consultation for up to 1½ hour.  Payment for the consultation must be received by Clayton & McCulloh at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.  If the consultation is to occur at Clayton & McCulloh, P. A., then the initial consultation fee can be collected at the time of the meeting. You may request to meet with a particular attorney, but we reserve the right to assign the attorney to the consultation based on experience and availability.  This meeting can take place at any of our offices, via telephone conference, or video conferencing.   Please contact our Public Relations Department for the consultation fee.

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