Request for Information Package for Legal Services by Board Members or Committee Members of a Community Association

Clayton & McCulloh is a full service Community Association law firm offering numerous flat fee services and complimentary services for their Association clients.  If one of your Associations is interested in hiring Clayton & McCulloh as their Association’s law firm and would like a Legal Services Package on our services, fees, and complimentary services, please complete the Request below.  

A customized Legal Services Package generally goes out within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of the date the request was received provided all of the information requested below is completed.  A member of our Public Relations staff will contact you if any additional information is necessary to prepare a customized package.

All information is strictly confidential and will not be disseminated to any source. 

Individual's Information

General Information about the Association

Management Information

Subscription Requests

If you would be on our Mailing Lists, please select as many items as you would like to receive:

Request for Information on Organizations Servicing Community Associations

If you would like information on non-profit organizations designed for Community Association Board Members, please select which organizations you would like to receive information.

Please send me information about one of the proposed future chapters of Community Association Management of Florida, an organization providing educational seminars for community associations and their managers.

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