Reservation Request for
Board Certification Class on Demand

Instructions:  Upon successful completion and submission of this form, you will automatically receive an email with instructions how to access the class you selected, how to receive your Certificate of Attendance, and other important information.  VERY IMPORTANT: Please add to your email contacts.  Please read it carefully and in its entirety upon receipt.

While you may take this class at your leisure, we do recommend that not making a reservation until you are ready to take the class within the next 72 hours. 

Are you taking this class to meet the Statutory requirements for the Association you have listed on this reservation form or for another one that you own property in and/or serve on another Board?

A common mistake is that someone signs up for the HOA class when they are serving on a condominium board.  You might want to review your request for the class before submitting your reservation.  A condo class does not meet the requirements for a HOA class as an example.

Select class (note – our 2020 classes have a 1950’s theme)

Special Note:  Managers, the above classes are not being offered for CAM credit at this time.


By selecting this class, you agree to:

  • being added to our Confidential Mailing List to receive seminar information, digital newsletters, important legislative updates, and other information.
  • grant authorization for CM to release your name, title, name of association, and mailing address to our Valued Business Partners (see Seminar Reservation Page) who may or may not mail you information about their Association related services.
  • authorize CM to publish any reviews or comments you have made about the seminar or the firm in any of their media formats.


Please review your Reservation form before submitting.  If you do not enter the information requested correctly, it may result in our rejecting your reservation and we will be unable to certify you.  We do not want to take that action, but in order to continue offering this service as a complimentary one we regret that we cannot take the time to research the correct information or to reach out to you to obtain same.

Take your time when furnishing your information.